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How do I arrange a Baptism for my child?

Baptism (or Christening) is the first of the 7 Sacraments of the Church and it is celebrated by the priest, through the invocation of the Holy Trinity and the symbol of holy water. The fruit of Baptism includes forgiveness of original sin and all personal sins and becoming a member of the Church eventually leading to the reception of other sacraments.

Baptisms are arranged after meeting with one of the priests of the parish. Families who present a child for baptism should normally be resident within the parish of St. Dominic's (if not then they should seek the consent of the parish priest where they are resident before a baptism can be arranged here). The Church requires at least one sponsor (Godparent) who must be a practising Catholic. There is usually another godparent, who, if not Catholic, must at least be a baptised Christian and of a different sex to the other godparent.


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